A brand


Trademark FERROFIRE was registered by USPTO and CNIPA in Aug. 2016, owned by SED International.

FERROFIRE is a blend of FERROCERIUM and FIRE, meaning ferro rods capable of generating a fire. The red color represents plentiful vigor, and the cross of 2 F is stable and full of energy..



Top Quality


Ferrocerium Rod

Survival Fire Starter

Replacement Flints





Design Utility

At FERROFIRE, we design practical, trustworthy, and reliable survival gear. We put our designs through rigorous testing and failure analysis and will never sacrifice durability and functionality for flair or gimmick. Instead, our focus is on engineering equipment that is intuitive and functional by design for adventurers in the real world, in real conditions.


Precision Craftsmanship

The team at FERROFIRE is dedicated to the research and development of products that genuinely offer added protection in an emergency. We are constantly refining our designs and incorporating the latest in precision machining to produce gear that people who love the outdoors can depend on.


Safe and Reliable

No one expects to have an emergency while enjoying the outdoors, but they do happen.
That’s why our number one goal at FERROFIRE is to create gear that can be depended on when the unexpected happens.


Emphasis on Environment

Today, environment protection has drawn more attraction from people and enterprises of social commitment; as to SED, the eco-responsibility has been integrated into our operation philosophy for quite a long time. All the raw materials of our flint fire starters are oxides deal with in strict accordance with the related processing requirements. This leads to the higher cost of FERROFIRE products compared with those made of cheap chlorides, yet endows our rods with a much better feature of being environment-friendly. To care about and protect the environment embodies our undertaking of corporate social responsibility.